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Jonathan Finke
Youth Pastor

Church Phone: 320-732-2179

I am sort of as homegrown as it gets. I was born in Long Prairie, raised in Long Prairie, and now serving full time in Long Prairie! My attendance to FBC Long Prairie has been a long going one. My family attended all throughout my childhood and teen years. 

I graduated Long Prairie Grey Eagle High School in 2012 (so yes, I am young). Fall of 2012 I started my undergraduate studies at Moody Bible Institute in Spokane, Washington. I spent a total of two years there learning, studying, and maturing. After the 2nd school year in Spokane I felt God pulling me a different direction. Rather than finish my four year degree at Spokane, He was calling me to head back home and finish my degree with Moody Bible Institute online. I was of course a little cautious about it all, but it became very clear why He led me back to Minnesota.

As I was working at Camp Lebanon the summer of 2014, I was approached by FBC Long Prairie regarding the open position of Youth Minister at FBC Long Prairie. So in the Fall of 2014 I became Interim Youth Director. In 2015 I graduated from Moody with my Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies and became Interim Youth Pastor, and in 2016 applied for Youth Pastor!

I am married to the wonderful Erin Finke, whom I met at Camp Lebanon. We have a wonderful family of three with our cat Mitchell! 

My passions and hobbies include: being with teens (otherwise I would not being doing this job!), teaching the Word of God, playing the guitar, playing video games, football, fishing, and camping.