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Matt Stacey
Lead Pastor

Church Phone: 320-732-2179

Matt's Cell Phone: 360-560-4043 

“Is that YOUR truck?”  “Aren’t yo
u the pastor?” I get some of the funniest reactions from people.  I guess preachers are supposed to have “the look”, you know, silver haired with glasses, quiet, dignified men (I’m still working on that last one Lord!) who enjoy sitting with a cup of coffee reading books in soft chairs. 

            If that is the mold, I’m afraid it got broke before God could stuff me in it.  My interests run more towards bird dogs & International Scouts, coaching wrestling & outdoor photography, rugged out of the way places, making saw dust and swinging sweet shotguns… a bit of knife collecting, a bit of knife making… old leather or just the old west. I would guess those are pretty normal interests for a boy who grew up outside of Spearfish SD, if not for all preachers.

            A lot of who I am, came from my childhood there in western SD. It was there at a church that I first came to know Jesus’ love and to feel the weight of repentance for my sins. Then in 1990, they were the church that sent me on a mission’s trip to Cameroon West Africa, where I felt God’s call into ministry.

            After high school, God used wrestling to take me to Liberty University, in Lynchburg VA for college.  While at LU I met my lovely wife Lori.  She has been my best friend and constant support now for over 20 years.  We have been blessed with a passel of children (eight with twins on the way!) each of which is a special gift (and challenge… he he he) from the Lord.

            After checking to be sure my degree in Religion from LU was signed, we made our way back to the Midwest, starting our ministry years together as a Youth Pastor in George Iowa.  God brought us from Iowa to Prairie Bible church by Carpenter SD for nine years and then on to Cathlamet, WA, where we were allowed to serve the C&MA church Cathlamet Community Fellowship, for seven years.  It was during this time that I was able to finish my M. Div. through LU as well.  Then, in the April of 2015 God gave us a new assignment back in the heart land serving here as Lead Pastor of 1st in Long Prairie.

             Over the years God has built a passion in me to introduce people to the living God of the universe.  Church doesn’t need to be a dead history lesson about something that someone did once upon a time.  It is an opportunity to worship and interact with our God who IS! He is every bit as alive, active, relevant and powerful today as He has ever been!  I love opening the Word of God, and teaching it in such a way that it is easy for everyone to understand what happened, what it says about my God, and the kind of man I need to be because of Who He is. I won’t preach it unless God is working in me to live it first.  I love standing back and watching as He changes others’ lives as He has mine; freeing the captive from their chains, healing the broken hearted, opening the eyes of lost.  There is nothing like seeing the light of God’s hope coming into dead eyes!